Characteristics of the guarantee contract

  relative to the main contract for the contract from the contract, has the following features:
(a) the guarantee contract is a contract. According to there is no master/slave relationship, contracts can be divided into the main contract from the contract. Not premised on his contract, can exist independently of contract contract contract must be based on the premise of his contract from the contract. Guarantee contract is a contract, specifically: (1) to set up, on the entry into force of the by-laws, as it presupposes the existence of guaranteed contracts with the main contract, (2) changes, report on the eradication of, alteration, and termination of the contract would lead to a guaranteed contract alteration and elimination.
(ii) contract was unilateral contract. Not associated with both rights and obligations under the contract, the contract can be divided into bilateral contracts and unilateral contract. Mutual obligations of the parties of the contract. a bilateral contract. In a bilateral contract, the rights and obligations of the parties are interrelated, rights come obligations; unilateral contract is one of the parties undertake the obligation and rights of the other party of the contract, the rights and obligations of no relevance. Security in the main contract is a bilateral contract, contract was unilateral contract. Guaranteed contracts, they only warranty and no substantial rights, creditors have claims to guarantee without obligations of the guarantor. Thus, unilaterally issued by the guarantor the guarantee should be and the contract of guarantee signed by both parties shall have the same effect.
(c) to ensure that contracts are contract free. According to the contract has no price, contracts can be divided into paid contracts and unpaid contracts. Contract means rights must pay the price of the contract. Gets the contract must pay the purchase price of the goods, use of another's property rental lease contract; right without having to pay the corresponding price of the contract, grant, loan, interest-free loans, and so on. Assurance contract is gratuitous contract, or right of creditor guarantee, guarantor without having to pay the price. This is generally, but in real life, they also may receive some benefit. This is mainly due to the provision of guarantees, debt among the investigation works have been successfully established, conclude a suretyship contract at the same time, a debtor out of gratitude and kindness can guarantee certain payments or other benefits. But because debtors are not parties to a contract of guarantee, is a trust relationship between the debtor and the guarantor, and the guarantee contract has nothing to do, they do not affect the contract free of charge.
(d) the guarantee contract is a contract. Delivered under contracts established with and without the subject matter requirements, contracts can be divided into Nobel acceptance contract and practice contract. Consensual sex contract is on the essential terms of the contract of the parties by consensus when the established contracts. Unless the parties reach agreement through consultation, but also delivered to establish of the subject matter of the contract, known as practice contract. Assurance contract is a guarantee of the debts belong to the typical Nobel acceptance contract. No guarantor of its establishment to deliver property, as long as the parties agree is enough.

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