Finance and investment planning, preparations to maintain the correct investment

  (1) back to the original point, understand what you want
investment must first figure out what you really want, and this will have a clear direction and plenty of power. Learning investment management does not mean that you want to change the current all the way. Learn from a simple place to start, as a suitable way to generate revenue, and managing the property.
common sense tells us that casting has its own life, unable to abandon the spending habits and preferences, such as travel and shopping and fitness. So what we want is to retain their interests case. According to their way of life and consumption ability. find the most appropriate way to finance and investment. After all, investment in order to make us want a better life.
(2) back to the present, understanding what you have
in our hands that we use to create the future, so, pay attention to your own wealth, and do in the finance and investment "yangchangbuduan. and" weaknesses ". '' Swagger "meant to play to their advantages in investment banking, in particular, to increase their wealth potential. Maybe your current financial situation and career is not optimistic, but don't put too much pressure on your life, but looking for strengths-opportunities. "Complementarity" means to supplement their own financial deficiencies. For example, if you are interest in equity investments, but is not familiar with. then you can learn to. complementarity. " If you find a stock investment and is not suitable for you, then you need to learn to "avoid short" and avoid dabbling in stocks, so as not to incur unnecessary losses.
(3) maintain the correct investment
a good attitude is the key to success, must keep the right mindset before starting the investment. First, you cannot expect an overnight, high return and high risk are twins. they always coexist; second. investment cannot blindly follow others, avoid the herd mentality; and, finally, to consider their own family status, assets, risk tolerance and other factors make rational investment. Good investment attitude. you need sound investment principles.

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