Young people were unwilling to finance what misunderstanding

  1. didn't "money"
a lot of people think their money is too great, difficult to save money, might as well have started again when the work is more stable in the future. In fact, this idea is wrong. Financing regardless of availability. Is the so-called "you don't finance, financial ignore you," don't tell yourself, "I have no money", to tell yourself "I will from now on finance", Institute of finance and investment as soon as possible.
2." I don't need money "
finance and though I don't know, but they will not spend all the money every month, sometimes left out some money, so they think they don't have to finance. This idea is not correct. In fact, regardless of whether the income is really enough, need to establish the correct financial management concepts. The higher the income, have a greater financial losses due to decision-making errors. Reasonable management can enhance the family's capacity to withstand unexpected risks.
3. spend time money might as well make more money
some income is not good friends who consider themselves financial matter. In fact, this idea has greatly misunderstanding, financial management capability in the earning capacity of complement each other, most of the higher income groups are establishing a good financial management concepts, only richer.
so, whether you have money or not, should learn about money. Friends for no extra money, financing only after money and wealthy friends, only to financial risks, deal with the economic situation.

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