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advantages of sole proprietorship enterprises:
1. Registration procedures are simple, low cost and individual-owned enterprises registered the most simple, obtain registration documents are relatively easy, and costs are lower.
2. Decision latitude: all transactions in which investors have the final say, without meetings, nor an explanation to the Board of Directors and shareholders, the so-called "boat small good turn", the boss can be adjusted according to the market changes direction.
3. A lesser tax burden: as enterprises owned by individuals, corporate income is personal income, so only levy enterprise income tax and personal income tax exemption.
4. Registered capital of casual: the sole proprietorship enterprise law on registered capital does not provide, extreme is one Yuan can be the boss.
1. Credit reputation is low, financing difficulties due to low registered capital, enterprise's anti-risk ability, it is not easy to obtain bank credit, both for personal credit is not easy.
2. Unlimited liability: this is the biggest disadvantage. Once the operating losses, in addition to the companies ' assets to cover debts, personal property is not spared, increases the investment risk.
3. Sustainable low investor has absolute control over the decisions of enterprises of any Affairs, others have no decision-making power, it increases personal responsibility, if investors are right, business itself would not exist. And personal decisions are arbitrary and highly random, bad for business.
4. Financial limited: all personal assets of enterprises, financial limited, it's hard to have great development.
5. Lack of business management: this is a big problem of the sole proprietorship enterprise.

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