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  is a partner of the partnership based on the contractual relationship between enterprise organization, for the purposes of the common, mutually agreed common funding, management, sharing profits and risks. Partnership is divided into general partnership and limited partnership.
1. Registration is simple, low cost: registered similarly to wholly-owned enterprises, the key lies in common agreement between the partners, the partnership runs the legal basis of the agreement between them.
2. Limited liability limited partnership, attracting capital and talent: the biggest risk is unlimited liability of the partnership. Effectively solves the problem of limited liability. Partnership on the one hand through the General partners assume unlimited liability management, maintain a partnership structure is simple, lower management costs, internal ties and decision-making high efficiency on the other, might appeal to people who don't want to assume unlimited liability to business investment, it could attract the talent needed by enterprises.
3. Lower taxes: and wholly-owned enterprises, only need to pay corporate income tax, exempt from paying personal income tax. Annual turnover of less than 30,000 yuan, tax 18%; annual turnover of 3.1 million Yuan, the rate of 27%; an annual turnover of more than 110,000 yuan, tax 33%.

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